Is it me or We?

dp design is primarily myself, but I get a lot of help and input from a number of local Maine companies, depending on the job and the project scope. The teams and input are scaled to meet the client's needs. And I can't leave out the face of the company, Paco. He is the ice-breaker and deal closer not to mention the brains of the operation.


Darren Popovich

Studying at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh gave me a strong foundation for graphic design. I started out in Business to Business advertising in Cleveland and that gave me a knowledge of what a strong brand needs to stand out in very competitive markets. Now, after nearly ten years of dp design llc and all it takes to run a business I see the challenges that small business owners face. I can help you and your business create a strong brand with professional marketing materials and web site for less than you would expect. Giving you the advantage in your market.

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  • Web
  • Creativity
Chief Tail Wagger


Paco does not have much experience and very minimal education but what he lacks in refinement he makes up for in gumption. Given his stature, you might dismiss his ability but he more than compensates with his cuteness.

  • Gumption
  • Cuteness
  • Loyalty
  • Tricks
  • Wagging

Some of Our Clients

  • Bradford's Rug Gallery Logo Design
  • Chopstick Sushi Branding
  • Fat Toad's Pub Logo Design
  • Serpent Scale Sysyems Logo Design
  • Tide's Edge Logo Design
  • Andrew Hill Legal, LLC
  • Up 'n at Em! logo
  • Metabolic Leader Web Design
  • Monroe Infrared Logo Design
  • Pat's Pizza Web Design
  • Powers Real Estate Branding
  • VTUG